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The agency of escorts Apricots has agreed to remove a large billboard, located in the Gran Via area in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, during the duration of the Mobile World Congress. The company’s access to the formal request made from the GSMA, responsible for the executive management of the great fair of the mobile, to pick up, eventually, advertising, but barcelonaescorts will always be there so you can have a good time.

This Catalan company, which bills itself on its website under the slogan It’s sex time, has accepted the proposal “to show its commitment to the city of Barcelona and its international projection”. The fence, which will be removed this Wednesday, day 17, is located at the confluence of the Avinguda de Vilanova and the of Maig First street, just above the artery that connects the El Prat airport to the Fira Barcelona, where the next Monday starts the main world event of the industry of the mobile.

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Now the very young sub-saharan walking in groups of three or four for the central promenade of la Rambla, picked up the hand, on the way to plaza Catalunya, surrounding the men who wander without women. Now, these days, below the Liceu, abound on all women of Bulgaria, and also a few gypsy arrivals throughout eastern Europe. Thirty between each other, perhaps 40… The gypsy also caught by the men of the forearm, and say to them, “come, handsome, come with me…” Nobody wants to stay behind. It had been four or five years not seen so many around here a day on weekdays any, that you will not be caught by the forearm with both self-confidence, that you are not whispering their proposals to the ear. “What do you want that leads you to the best strip club in town???!!!”, shouts (in English), planted in the middle of the walk, a public relations dress with american. He shouts so much that it seems that is moving to someone located fifteen meters behind your back. “No, thank you”. It’s a safer choice to pay for an escort, believe me!

Because La Rambla has suffered for decades a process of degradation. With highs and lows. Now is not at its worst. Four or five years ago they were trying to rip you off with the greatest rudeness and violence. But even so, the ride now is far from approaching the best. A few days ago the councillor of Ciutat Vella, Gala Pin, and of Feminisms, Laura Perez, recommended that a group of neighbors in the calle Robador and the surrounding area, a group of neighbors very tired of living with certain activities, that they were getting used to it, that women have the right to do with their body what they want.